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Lighting Design

May the light connect the past and future, and reach the hearts of people.

There are 2 lighting styles. "Iki", the spirit of Edo, and "Miyabi", its aesthetics, that operate alternately. They express the concept that 'today' is connected to 'tomorrow', and, beyond tomorrow expands the 'future'. The incorporation of designs inheriting Edo scenery reflects the history and culture of Shitamachi, the downtown area.

Crown of Light
Lights at the top of the tower and on both sides of the two observation decks; illuminating its steel structure and gradually merging into the ground at the base of the tower resemble the image of Mount Fuji, the primal scenery of Edo.
A Light that Marks the Passage of Time
Shining like a meteor over the Observation Decks, the light that shines around at a steady speed represents light that marks the passage of time, connecting past and future.
Illumination on the Steel Structure
Lights illuminating the top of the tower reach strongly out to the sky and expand bravely towards space as if they were our dreams and hopes. Illumination on the structure emphasizes the beauty of the curves and camber of the tower.

All LED Harmonizes with the Neighborhood and is Environmentally-friendly

The concept of the design is based on Japanese aesthetics, incorporating history and the local downtown features, but at the same time, a plan representative of the present age. It was also designed to have the beauty of shades expressed in the form of an environmentally-friendly lighting system. Thus the plan adopted a design using all-LED lights to save energy, which also realized beauty at the same time.

The realization of an All-LED lighting system not only enabled outstanding staging effects but its energy saving feature made the tower a messenger of an eco-friendly structure.