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1How can I buy Observation Deck admission tickets?

1You can buy Observation Deck admission tickets using any one of the following methods.

  • Specify the admission day and time and then make an advance purchase of a TOKYO SKYTREE Online Reservation Ticket at least three days before.
  • Specify the admission day and time and then purchase a ticket at a Seven-Eleven Multifunction Copier (Ticket PIA) at least a day before.
  • Purchase a Same-Day Ticket at the TOKYO SKYTREE 4F Ticket Counter.
  • For groups of 15 or more, make an advance reservation at the TOKYO SKYTREE Group Reservation Center.
  • Use a travel company or TOKYO SKYTREE Official Hotel/TOKYO SKYTREE Friendship Hotel travel product or accommodation plan.
2Can I make an online reservation if I don’t have a credit card?

2A TOKYO SKYTREE Online Reservation Ticket requires a credit card for both advance purchase and purchase at the time of admission. You can, however, buy tickets with cash at a Seven-Eleven Multifunction Copier (Ticket PIA).

3Which credit card brands can I use to make an online reservation?

3You can use any TOBU Card, VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Nicos, Diners, UFJ, or UC credit card issued in Japan.

4What should I do if on the day of admission I forget to bring the credit card that I used to make the online reservation?

4Tickets are issued by reading the customer information recorded on their credit card. For this reason, we need to check the hardcopy of the confirmation email that you received at the time of reservation or the purchase information on your mobile phone with your identification. This may take some time to process. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

5Are TOKYO SKYTREE Online Reservation Tickets received on a first-come first-served basis?


6How many tickets can I buy in advance online and at Seven-Eleven?

6You can buy 8 tickets per purchase online and 12 tickets per purchase at Seven-Eleven. Additionally, for both purchasing methods you can make multiple purchases if tickets are available.

7Can tickets be issued even if the person who made the online reservation is not present on the day of admission?

7Fill out the required items on the designated transfer voucher and give it to the person who will actually be present on the day of admission. A ticket can be issued with a transfer voucher and the personal identification of the person being admitted.

8Can I give an online reservation ticket to someone else as a gift?

8Fill out the required items on the designated transfer voucher and give it to the person who will actually be present on the day of admission. A ticket can be issued with a transfer voucher and the personal identification of the person being admitted. Additionally, since tickets bought at Seven-Eleven are blank, they can be given as a gift as is.

9Can I make online reservations from overseas?

9Yes, but a credit card issued in Japan is required (see Q3 above).

10Can TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Deck (350 m) and Tembo Galleria (450 m) tickets be purchased as a set?

10They cannot be purchased as a set. You cannot reserve and buy TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Galleria (450 m) admission tickets in advance. Please buy your tickets at the TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Deck (350 m) Ticket Counter on the day of your visit.

11After making a purchase online or at Seven-Eleven, can I cancel or change it?

11To cancel a purchase due to the purchaser’s circumstances please go here for an online reservation and here for a Seven-Eleven reservation. Additionally, reservation details cannot be changed, so please temporarily cancel your ticket and then repurchase it with the changes you want.

12Can I buy admission tickets on the day of the Sumida River Fireworks or New Year’s Eve?

12Once the opening hours for the specified days are determined, they are announced on the Website.

Rates for visitors with disabilities

13Can I buy tickets at the rate for visitors with disabilities when purchasing online?

13We apologize that due to system circumstances you cannot buy tickets at the rate for visitors with disabilities in advance online or at a Seven-Eleven Multifunction Copier (Ticket PIA). Please temporarily purchase tickets at the regular rate. Then, on the day of your visit, at the TOKYO SKYTREE 4F Ticket Counter, we will confirm the physically disabled certificate (or copy) and refund the difference in cash.

14When the rate for visitors with disabilities applies, is it necessary to show the physically disabled certificate on the day of admission?

14On the day of your visit, you will need to show the certificate when the admission ticket is issued. For visitors who may have difficulty holding the original certificate, a copy of the personal information page is fine.

15If a person has a physical disability, does the rate for visitors with disabilities apply even if they do not have a physically disabled certificate?

15We apologize, but the rate does not apply in this case. The rate is applied based on the physically disabled certificate.

16Does the rate for persons with disabilities apply to persons accompanying a person with a disability?

16The rate applies to the number of accompanying people equal to the number of disabled visitors.

Admission method, times, etc.

17What are the Observation Deck hours of operation and last admission time?

17The Observation Deck is open from 08:00 to 22:00 (holidays excluded). Last admission for the TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Deck is 20:30 for online reservations. Additionally, for same-day tickets and fixed-date tickets, admission is up to 21:00. Last admission for the TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Galleria is 21:20.

18When the reservation specifies a day and time, what happens if I am late?

18As a rule, follow the instructions given at the Same-Day Ticket Window. You may have to wait for admission depending on the conditions. If you are late due to traffic conditions or similar reason, please inform a staff member or contact the call center.

19Can a ticket be issued (exchanged) before the specified date and time?

19A ticket can be issued only within the reservation specified time of the day of admission.

20Can I enter without getting in line with a ticket with a fixed date and time?

20In most cases you can enter easily, but in some cases – if it is crowded or due to elevator service conditions, for example – you may have to wait before getting in.

21Once I am on the Observation Deck, is there a limit to the time that I can stay there?

21There is no set time limit, but if it is crowded on the day of your visit or due to elevator operating conditions, the staff may have no choice but to ask you to limit your visit.

22Is it okay to have just the head of a group do ticket exchanges or purchases at the Ticket Counter?

22You can go in directly after exchanging or purchasing your tickets. Please come to the counter together with everyone in your group.

Visitor services

23Where are the Information counters located?

23Information counters are on the Tower Yard 4F Entrance Floor, Tower Yard 5F Exit Floor, Tower Yard 3F, and East Yard 1F.

24Where are the restrooms?

24There are restrooms on every floor. There are only a few restrooms on the Observation Deck, however, so it is recommended that you use a restroom on the 1F Group Floor or 4F Entrance Floor (entrance for individuals) before going up to the Observation Deck.

25If a child gets lost or separated from their group, what should I do?

25Contact the Information Counter or the nearest staff member.

26Is there a first-aid room?

26Yes, but there is no physician or nurse present. The First Aid Room is equipped to provide emergency treatment for light wounds and has a bed for rest. If you want to use the First Aid Room contact the nearest staff member.
*The First Aid Room does not provide treatment. If you regularly take medication, be sure to bring it with you.

27Can I bring a pet into the Tower?

27Pets are not allowed inside. *Additionally, TOKYO SKYTREE does not have a place for holding pets.

28Are service dogs (seeing-eye dogs, hearing assistance dogs, service dogs) allowed in the facility and on the Observation Deck?

28Service dogs are allowed admission.

29Are wheelchairs available for loan? Also, is the Observation Deck wheelchair-accessible?

29You can borrow a wheelchair. Their number is limited, however. Please consult with the nearest staff member. You can enter the Observation Deck without leaving the wheelchair.

30Are there wheelchair-accessible toilets?

30There is a wheelchair-accessible toilet in every bathroom in the facility.

31Can I use a drone to take photos and the like?

31For safety management reasons, the use of unmanned aircraft including drones is not permitted within the TOKYO SKYTREE Town site.
*We also ask that you not use small unmanned aircraft not covered by law.

Shopping and dining inside the Tower

32Can I use a credit card inside the Tower?

32The Tower accepts TOBU Card, UC, Saison, Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS, VISA, MASTER, UnionPay, JCB, AMEX, Diners, and Discover.
*Please note that the cards accepted for making online reservations are different than the ones listed above. For details, please see the answer for Q3 above.

33Is there a delivery service?

33Yes, at the 1F Tourist Service Center.

34Can I make restaurant reservations?

34Please see here for Sky Restaurant 634 details.